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Our Executive Committee

Sophia An Xian

Club President

Tang Meng Lai

Vice President Education

Linh Tran

Vice President Education

Huang Zi Chun

Vice President Education

Barry Teo

Vice President Membership

Rossa Juliana

Vice President Membership

Darrell Tan

Vice President Public Relations

Loveme Felicilda

Vice President Public Relations

Vanny Dang

Vice President Public Relations

Jin Min

Sergeant at Arms

Lim Liang Zhang


Dreamy Somani Shah


Tan Hui Ying

Immediate Past President

Our Past Exco for 2022/2023

Club President

Tan Hui Ying

Vice President Education

Tracy Nguyen

Cui Xue Jiao

Vice President Membership

Ray Suvrodeep

Barry Teo

Vice President Public Relations

Tan Jia Jiun

Sophia An


Donathon Ong

Sergeant At Arms

Valerie Tham


Dreamy Somani-Shah

Immediate Past President

Michell Sheya Wong

The Journey is Far More Enriching With Leadership Roles

Beyond delivering a speech, MMTMC provides immense opportunities for members to hone their leadership skills

Event Organizers and Hosts

Learn how to organize our professional monthly events

Marketing & Communications

Sharpen the art of engaging publicity through our various channels

Membership Conversions

Experience the art of pitching to one and to many from the stage

Servant Leadership Exposures

Put leadership skills to the test by leading one of the finest clubs in Singapore

Leadership opportunities

Not all speakers are leaders. But all leaders are great orators.

What some of our past leaders have to say about their journey serving as club officers (executive committee or EXCO)
Prakash R

Prakash Ramalingam
(2018 – 2019 Club President)

Having experienced Toastmasters in both India and Singapore, serving Exco for two terms and being a member of MMTMC for 3+ years, I can see tremendous growth in myself. Here are the top 2 specific influences I have had in my life that I owe to MMTMC.  

The indestructible superpower – Whether it is personal or professional life, irrespective of your IQ, there is one quality that makes a person stand out from the crowd – Confidence. Even though I am not an introvert, I never had the courage to speak up and my opinions, thoughts or coin my suggestions. But after joining Toastmasters things changed for me. The more I spoke on stage before an audience, I gained courage to speak up before my colleges, clients and managers fearlessly. The more leadership opportunities I took at MMTMC, I gained immense confidence to take up any herculean task even if I am unfamiliar with it. At my first job in Singapore, for me to transform from an almost invisible back end engineer to a customer facing technical consultant in a relatively short span of time, I owe it to Money Mastery which gave me my indestructible superpower – Confidence.  

The art of Clarity – We often see people in our work/meetings, talking so much but with little or no purpose. Or people who talk too little making no point at all. Speaking with clarity and purpose, is very much an underrated skill today. Whether it is a Keynote speech or a simple WhatsApp announcement, clarity is imperative. Over the last few years with the club, I have significantly improved on my ability to channel my thoughts clearly and concisely. Many a times I have been able to articulate and breakdown complex technical Jargon much simpler to my clients, thanks to the immense practice I have had at Money Mastery! It may be a simple skill, but when it comes to standing out from your colleagues at work every simple skill makes a big difference! 


Darrell Tan
(2020 – 2021 VPPR)

The learning is in the doing. Always and ever will be.

Prior to this I had enrolled myself in a certification for copywriting but this experience itself was on a whole different level. I was able to actually apply my knowledge and put it to the test. The past year as a VPPR has presented me with countless opportunities in crafting emails, visuals and videos! At one point, we even tried out audio advertising! At no point in time did I feel that our creativity was limited, and the only restriction we had was our mind.

We put in countless hours in hopes of giving value to the club and received value in return. As a toastmaster, I feel that our growth should never be limited to just speaking alone. The bigger picture has always been to be better communicators, and a communicator encompasses much more than coming up with a fancy speech — to be able to persuade through any medium possible is a huge part to that and I am thankful to have taken up the offer.

Though it has not been a walk in the park, it has no less been a grand adventure, and a memory to behold down the lane of time.


Hiromi Hara
(2020 – 2021 VPPR)

Throughout the past year as VPPR, I was fortunate to work with supportive team members and learn a lot of copywriting techniques. There was a practical environment where we could take in our creative ideas and copywriting skills that we just learned, then we could see the outcome as a reaction from the viewers.
The experience inspired me to study more about copywriting and marketing. I am sure that the knowledge about SNS and MailChimp I have learned will be adapted in my business as well. Although I had a little trouble using English, the team members and advisors patiently guided me with their feedback.
Also, as an exco member, I could see how our club meetings were run with the behind-the-scenes effort and it led to my mindset’s change from a member who still had felt like an outsider to a member who understood the club well.
It was a rewarding experience and the skill you gain through the journey will help you in your career or business.

Ronnie Chin

Ronnie Chin
(2020-2021 VPE)

It was a rewarding experience and the skill you gain through the journey will help you in your career or business.
As a new member myself, I got an opportunity to experience first-hand on how our weekly chapter meeting functions. This experience gave my team an overview of how we can perform better and provide better value to members. It was a challenging year for us as we have to pivot to online meetings. This challenge pushed us to think of innovative ways to encourage members to join our online meetings, we have more meetings making it 3 meetings a month so our ever growing members can continue to speak more and also to fast track their project pathway completion.
As a VPE in the club, it is also our duty to ensure our member’s growth to be a competent speakers and of course with the hope of wining in a contest speech. I am motivated by our member’s accelerated growth, it fuels us VPE to make sure the programs we crafted are as seamless and high quality as possible.
In summary as a VPE, we grow together with the club. It is because of the positive, friendly, and vibrant community which MMTMC provides that allows me to grow to be a better listener, speaker, and planner.


Angel Low
2019 – 2021 (SAA / VPM)

MMTMC has not just provided me a chance to grow into a better speaker, but it has also equipped me with the leadership skill that is transferable to a workplace. It has been a rewarding and fun journey by taking up the Exco roles for the past 2 consecutive years.

I challenged myself to take up SAA role and VPM role in the year 2019 and 2020 respectively.
Growth can only happen if we are willing to step out of our comfort zones; to be in a position where we are exposed and vulnerable to feelings of awkwardness and discomfort in trying something new.

Thanks to the Exco roles, I had the chance to work in a team to run chapter meetings, to brainstorm for interesting themes for each meeting as well as to learn how to deal with the unexpected hiccups that happened along the way. The team work spirit and adaptability skill that I gained have given me an advantage at my workplace.

As an Exco member, I was also given an opportunity to do opening address during chapter meetings. It was a precious opportunity to boost my confidence as well as to polish my communication skills. I have not just learned to be a competent speaker, but also a great listener.
In short, MMTMC is a great place with plenty of opportunities for personal growth in a warm, positive and supportive environment. Let us grow together with the club!

Leadership Roles

Available Club Officer Roles

Take your pick. Each term, we onboard no less than 10 EXCO (executive committee) members to be our club officers to lead and steer the club toward our vision and goals.
If you would like to be part of the mover and shakers that orchestrate our meetings, simply indicate your interest below.
(Only for members)


Not necessary. Club advisors will provide the necessary guidance to get you started. Ongoing guidance will be provided throughout the term to ensure that you gain the maximum benefits of serving as a club officer.

The only exception will be the Club President role. It is not open for application. The right candidate will be handpicked by Club Advisors. Usually, the opportunity to lead as the MMTMC Club President will be offered to those who have served at least ONE term as an EXCO member previously.

A toastmaster’s term is one year long. Hence, the club officer role requires you to commit to a one-year period. It begins on the 1st of July of each year and ends on the 30th of June of the following year.

Usually, we onboard new leaders once a year on the 1st of July. However, leadership transition takes place as early as six months before that. You will be invited to be a passive observer in advance for the role you will be officially taking over from the 1st of July each term.

Occasionally, we may inject additional club officers in the midst of a term. This happens when there is an opening or opportunity to do so.

Most certainly. In fact, some of the roles provide you with more opportunities to speak impromptu. The VPE role provides you an opportunity to update members on what’s upcoming during the announcement segment. You get to polish your skills of “elevator pitch” given the 5 minutes to intrigue members of upcoming events and meetings.

Similarly, the VPM role provides the opportunity to hone your skills at each meeting with a “membership drive” segment. Occasionally, the CP/VPE/VPM may choose to rotate amongst EXCO members to deliver the same.

In essence, EXCO duties do not diminish the chances you get to speak. But open up more opportunities for you to try different forms of speech that the Toastmasters curriculum may not provide.  

We operate one of the finest chapter meetings in Singapore. Leading a 100-strong club is completely different from say a club with 20 members. There are many moving parts to organizing our events of such scale. Serving as a club leader, you will get a buffet spread of opportunities from the various roles.

These could be copywriting skills, social media engagements, and marketing campaigns for events, workshops, and contests. The educational role gets you exposed to constantly searching for top-notch workshop speakers as well as instrumental in designing more educational and engaging meetings for our members and guests.

Do look through some of the experiences shared by our members who have taken the challenge to take up our leadership roles.