About us

Building our community as we evolved over the years

Our Mission Statement

Dedicated mentoring in the mastery of public speaking and leadership in a warm and vibrant family.

A meticulous process is in place to ensure that when a new member joins our community, a dedicated mentor is pair up based on their needs.
No one starts their journey alone in MMTMC.

Since 2010, we remained the only club to provide our members with 10 seconds of standing ovation after their speech.

To date, more than 750 standing ovations have been showered to our members who deliver on stage.

Our speakers get access to their speeches delivered. This enables them to self evaluate as well as to gather more feedback from senior members for further improvements.

Gain access to Academy MMTMC with an ever growing content of past workshops, speech contests, case studies and educational materials to spiral your growth. This is a members only portal.

Our community portal where members share any topics related to public speaking and presentations. Open to the public.

A members only portal. Members can book their speech, offer to take up appointment roles, check upcoming meetings. And all administrative matters are conducted in our members only portal.

MMTMC Milestones

Membership Growth Over The Years

Birth of MMTMC

MMTMC was officially chartered as a club on 24th Oct 2002 

Club Rejunevation‚Äč

Club undergoes massive changes and the creation of club mission statement

Membership Growth

In 5 years after revamping our approach, membership strength grew by 55% 

Membership Portals

With a thriving and rapidly expanding membership, we are on our way to the next milestone. 


Ready to receive your
standing ovation?

More than just a public speaking club

We believe that a community that bonds is a community that grows.

Themed chapter meetings, outdoor group activities and club anniversaries are just some of our ways to ensure our community stick together as a vibrant family.