About us

Building our community as we evolved over the years

Our History

Mr. K.C. See, a former toastmaster in the 1980s,  chartered MMTMC in October 2002. He is also the Founder and Master Trainer of Mastery Asia (S) Pte Ltd.

We began as an in-house club of Mastery Asia. Charter members were graduates of the powerful Money Mastery Mentorship Program.

Mr. See spearheaded and sponsored the setting up of MMTMC so that graduates of the Money Mastery Mentorship Program could continue to learn and grow in the areas of public speaking and leadership. With the help of Distinguished Toastmasters Patrick Oei, Susan Wong, and Michael Rodrigues, MMTMC was formed with 20 graduates at Toa Payoh SAFRA, with Mr. Raymond Ho as the Charter President.

To benefit more people, MMTMC was subsequently opened to the public in 2003. Over the years, we have moved from Toa Payoh SAFRA to Jalan Besar CC in 2009 and to 26 Tai Seng Street in 2013. In November 2019, we upgraded our venue again by relocating to Lifelong Learning Insitute. Today, we have over 100 members from all walks of life and are still going strong.

Our Mission Statement

Dedicated mentoring in the mastery of public speaking and leadership in a warm and vibrant family.

What We Offer

A meticulous process is in place to ensure that when a new member joins our community, a dedicated mentor is paired up based on their needs. No one starts their journey alone in MMTMC.

Speak on the largest stage in Singapore that only our club can offer. The venue is equipped with all the professional AV equipment that prepares you to speak confidently on any professional platforms and conferences in the future.

Since 2010, we remained the only club to provide our members with 10 seconds of standing ovation after their speech.

To date, more than 1000 standing ovations have been showered on our members who deliver on stage.

Our speakers get access to their speeches delivered. This enables them to self-evaluate as well as to gather more feedback from senior members for further improvements.

On top of your assigned speech project evaluator, you can get more feedback from other highly experienced senior Toastmasters at our club. Just reach out to them before you deliver your speech.

My.MMTMC.Rocks is our members-only portal. Members can book their speeches, learn about the various appointment roles, watch videos of their speeches, learn various tips on public speaking, and check upcoming meetings. All administrative matters are conducted in our members-only portal.

MMTMC Milestones

Membership Growth Over The Years

Birth of MMTMC

MMTMC was officially chartered as a club on 24th October 2002. 

Club Rejuvenation​

The club undergoes massive changes and the creation of a club mission statement.

Membership Growth

In 5 years after revamping our approach, membership strength grew by 55%. 

New Members’ Portal

With a thriving and rapidly expanding membership, we are on our way to the next milestone. 

A 100-Member Club

In April 2023, we have 100 active members in our books! A huge milestone for the club. 

The BIGGEST Stage in Toastmasters!

Conveniently located next to Paya Lebar MRT station, this beautiful venue offers our members the unique experience of speaking on the biggest stage in a Toastmasters club in Singapore.

These event halls can accommodate up to 120 -140 PAX and truly challenges our members to become great public speakers.

Our 10-Second Standing Ovation

The fact is, the average speaker probably would not experience a standing ovation in their lifetime. We aren’t sure professional speakers will get a standing ovation when they speak either.

MMTMC remains the ONLY TOASTMASTERS CLUB in Singapore to shower ONLY our (prepared speeches) speakers with 10 glorious gratifying seconds of standing ovations. We have been practicing this since 2009!

10-Second Ovation

10-Second Ovation

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Ready to receive your
standing ovation on our big stage?

More Than Just a Public Speaking Club

We believe that a community that bonds is a community that grows.

Themed chapter meetings, outdoor group activities, and club anniversaries are just some of our ways to ensure our community sticks together as a vibrant family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Money Mastery (Singapore) Toastmasters Club, as known as MMTMC, is initially formed by graduates of the Money Mastery Mentorship Program. This powerful program is a two-year learning system that exceeds the run-of-the-mill seminar experience. It assists you in removing the restraints that you may have placed on your financial goals and on your life.

We are a community club. This means that our membership is open to the public. Anyone can apply to be a member. However, the Executive Committee of the club has the prerogative to decide if a member can be admitted to the club.

No. Our members come from all walks of life. We talked about anything except sensitive issues related to religion, sex, and politics.

By becoming a member of Money Mastery (Singapore) Toastmasters Club, you will automatically be a member of an international organization, ie Toastmasters International. This allows you to visit any Toastmasters club to deliver your speech, take up different available appointments or just to be among like-minded people. You will be given speaking slots and mentorship guidance only if you are a member of this club.

We meet twice a month usually on the second and fourth Friday of the month. Check out the actual dates on our Eventbrite Page.

We meet at Lifelong Learning Insitute, Event Hall 1-1 or 1-2. For directions to our meeting venue, please click here.

Yes, you can. We welcome you to bring along a friend or two to our physical chapter meetings usually on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. You can check out when are our upcoming meetings on our Eventbrite page. There is a nominal guest fee to be paid online to join as a guest. The guest fee may increase when there are special workshops conducted at our chapter meetings.

The following video shows how a typical meeting is conducted in the States. The structure of our chapter meetings at MMTMC is largely similar except we have used some localised terms like Language Evaluator instead of Grammarian.

Please contact us at our membership page and state your interest to be a member of MMTMC. The club reserves the final right to accept or reject your membership application. Our VP Membership will contact you to advise you on the mode of payment and get you started on our onboarding process.

What Our Members Say