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Dedicated Mentoring

We believe that growth can be maximize with dedicated mentoring. Which is why every new member is assigned to an experienced mentor through a delicate selection process to ensure mentor-mentee compatibility. 


Community Portal

More support for our members can be found in our "members only" section of our community portal. Each and every one of your speech is recorded and uploaded to our portal for more members to share their feedback and suggestions how a speaker can further improve on their delivery 


Resource library of video tutorials

Members gain access to an ever growing library of video tutorials on how to craft better speeches. Tips and tricks on delivery. Art of persuasion and influence.... and many more. 


Personal online booking of speaking slots

Ready to speak? Booking a speaking slot is as simple as logging in to our online calendar to check the next available dates and speaking slots on your own. Everything is automated for your convenience.


Thriving and Expanding community

Our membership strength are growing and we have been opening up more meeting dates to accommodate all our members who wished to speak. Join a vibrant and fast growing community of members and be on your way to improve your presentation skills. 

 We work harder to ensure our members enjoy a better club experience